Japanese Hybrid Cars for Trinidad and Tobago

Hybrid Cars are the dual powered cars which use a built in gasoline or diesel fuel engine with an electric motor. They provide a true combination of a usual internal combustion engine with a hybrid drive train system for an improved fuel economy and excellent driving performance.

There are three basic types of Hybrid Electric Vehicles such as Full Hybrid, Mild Hybrid, and the Plug in Hybrid.

  • Full Hybrid
    It is a kind of strong hybrid type category which can be easily fitted with any kind of engine, batteries and with gasoline and diesel combination. The full hybrid can be operated on a single along battery power. It provides a high capacity battery power operation.
  • Mild Hybrid
    It is conventional kinds of hybrid vehicle category consisting of an over-sized starter motor with an idle stop and start function. The mild hybrid electric motor is mounted between the engine and transmission to supply extra propulsion energy for acceleration. It is available with small size batteries and a smaller motor.
  • Plug in Hybrid
    It is a hybrid electric vehicle offered with rechargeable batteries by plugging them to an external electric power source. The Plug-in Hybrid is available with three different drive train variations such as Series Hybrids, Parallel Hybrids, and Series-Parallel Hybrids.

The Japanese Hybrid Cars hold the key reputation and value in the world. Japanese built hybrid vehicles possess a tremendous demand among customers of all ages and produces smart design cars with dynamic engine performance. Fuel efficiency and eco-green friendly drive are two main factors of Japanese hybrid vehicle design.

These electric vehicles have a strong share in the Caribbean and African market. The twin captivating islands of Trinidad and Tobago are the main exclusive hub of highly demanded hybrid Japanese cars.

Most demanded Japanese Hybrid Cars for Trinidad and Tobago are listed below.

Toyota Corolla Axio

Toyota Corolla Axio Hybrid is an urban stylish sedan car designed with an innovative new striking appearance. It provides an extreme touch of comfort, elegance, and luxury for customers.

This smart and vibrant youthful sedan is equipped with 1.5 liters of gasoline fuel engine with a hybrid electric motor and 2WD Drive Train for a pleasurable speedy driving experience. The hybrid versions include Hybrid G “WXB”, 1.5 G “WXB” (2WD), and the 1.5 G”WXB” (4WD). The Special Specification Model Hybrid G”50 Limited” is also available for customers on the blissful eve of 50th Golden Jubilee Anniversary Celebrations of Toyota.

Toyota CH-R

Toyota CH-R stands for Coupe High Rider. It is a subcompact crossover hatchback car designed with a futuristic weird structure. It is a speedy and trendy urban mini hatchback provides an ultimate fun and pleasurable exciting ride for customers. It is presently available with multiple trim grade packages such as G (2WD), G-T (4WD), S (2WD), and S-T (4WD) with 1.8 liters of hybrid gasoline engine for customers.

Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail Hybrid is a newly refined and sleek robust sports utility vehicle designed for a daring and challenging adventurous drive. It offers a true sense of luxury, comfort, and an all-terrain off-road journey excitement for customers. It comes with 2.0 liters of gasoline with hybrid drive train system. The trim grades include 20 S Hybrid Emergency Brake Package with X-Tronic CVT Transmission, 20 S Hybrid Emergency Brake Package, Mode Premier Hybrid, and the Mode Premier Hybrid Emergency Brake Package.

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius Hybrid is a modern and urban small compact hatchback built for the fun loving ride experience. It is a family-friendly small hatchback car ideal for a little family to have a pleasurable drive journey. It offers valuable grade packages such as S Safety Plus comes with 1.8 liters gasoline plus electric motor. The A- Premium Touring Selection, A Premium (2WD), A Touring Selection, A (2WD), S Touring Selection, S (2WD), and E (2WD) are all exclusively included trim packages. The Prius PHV, Prius V, and Prius C are advanced plug-in hybrid versions with super marvelous and remarkable features for customers.

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Hybrid is a stunningly attractive premium executive sedan car built with an extreme level of precision and sheer perfection. It provides a touch of prestige and sophistication for customers. It comes with 2.5 liters of gasoline fuel engine with an electric power motor. The affordable trim grades are Leather Package, G- Package, Hybrid, and a special dynamic Premium Black G-Package.

The above are the five top-selling Japanese hybrid cars for Trinidad and Tobago. They provide an extreme level of demand and reputation in the captivating dual Caribbean Islands.